I'm Yuko Fukushima, a digital painter and illustrator. Since I started freelancing as Yuko Rabbit in 2012, I have worked with big named publishers and individuals.
My personal works have been featured in several art magazines, design blogs and social networking sites such as Behance Network and DeviantART.
I always try to make something new, different and cutting-edge. I like to put contrasting things together such as concrete shapes and abstract, stories and philosophy, traditional painting styles and technology.
主な制作手段はデジタルペイント。 デジタルが出せる面白い効果と、ドローイング・油絵・水彩画・コラージュ等、 アナログ画材の手法を応用しています。 有機的な画面を作り上げることを心がけています。

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