Dodgson vol.1 - Zine of Little Girl Art (2011)

Artwork for "Dodgson Vol.1",a zine of little girl art.

Dodgson Vol.1 (Zine)
Yuko Rabbit's Artwork and Dodgson-doh at Design Festa vol.34
Dodgson Vol.1
Part of Contents
Artwork by Dohi
Article by  Densenmaniya
My Artwork
Pieces for Cover Art
Dodgson Girls (each)Size: 6 x 6 (cm)Year: 2011 (October)Medium: Digital (Photoshop)
Artwork for Contents
Ships Ahoy!Size: 57.2 x 34.9 (cm)Year: 2011 (October)Medium: Acryic, Watercolor, Digital(Photoshop)
I always get lost on my first day of travel
Size: 31.1cm x 22.2(cm)Year: 2011 (October)Medium: Collage, Pen&Ink, Digital
Postcard Design
Dodgson-doh at Design Festa
We sold Dodgson Vol.1 at Design Festa vol.34 that held in Tokyo in 12nd - 13rd November, 2011.
Photos by Dodgson-doh
Logo, Book Design, Booth Design by Dodgson-doh
The typeface used in the logo and the cover is Absinthe font by Franck Trebillac
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