I try my best to live up to what I value.
Here are the things I’ve made transparent at Yuko Rabbit.

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A public to-do list about everything I’m researching, creating, and shipping for you.

Real-time Visitor Stats

This is all the data we collect from our visitors. No IP collected, proudly powered by Simple Analytics.

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Daily Progress

The done-list of Yuko Rabbit project, which makes progress every day.

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The graph of the revenue and expenses of Yuko Rabbit.

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Let Me Share My Goal With You

Painting takes time. I’m not a super-speed-painter.

I need at least 15 days in a month to paint two artworks because I take time on details and research.

1600 USD/month allows me to survive 15 days without being desperate for client work and spend more time on Yuko Rabbit Project.

Free up my 15 days/mo for Yuko Rabbit Project


Goal = 1600 USD/MO

Let’s Make It Happen

I want to inspire you by creating more artwork.
I want to make your days better by making Yuko Rabbit membership better.

To do this, I need your support.

Join in the group of nice people who support Yuko Rabbit.